Bike Tyre Fitters and Prices


If you have your own tyres and just need them fitted, then below are a range of prices in the South East.  Many places will not do bikes, for safety concerns, i.e. taking the wheels off and replacing them, and the wheel nut torque settings etc., although some are happy if you can remove the wheels yourself and just take the rims in. Also, not everywhere is equipped to balance bike wheels.

The prices quoted below are per wheel. VAT is not generally included.

The fitters

Bikes Of Brighton, Brighton

£25 + VAT, on the bike

On the wheel, Brighton

£10 + VAT fitting, for the rims

£25 + VAT, on the bike

Arrow Tyres, Newhaven

£18 (including VAT)  fitting, for the rims (no balancing)

AMT, Newhaven

£36.50 (including VAT), on the bike (and balancing)

C.R. Allen, Peacehaven

£20 fitting, for the rims

£15 for Removal Front

£25 for Removal Rear

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