Intel drones and robots


As Intel moves into drones and robotics, with the Intel’s Aero Compute Board and the Robotics Development Kit, will they sound the death knel for the smaller, open source flight controller, and servo controller, boards and software..?

I also make mention of the software because, after all, where Intel go, Microsoft surely follow, and so the Hobby community based software will be dealt a blow, fatal or not… Just look at the Raspberry Pi and WIndows 10 IoT. So, will we be seeing Micro$oft drones becoming all ubiquitous, and filling the skies as they take on Amazon et al., as drones and robotics, are obviously new and upcoming technologies that they, as yet, have not made major in-roads into.

Getting back to Intel, they have already been dabbling in the area, in conjunction with a German company, see ASCTEC FALCON 8.

The featured image of the board, above, comes from INTEL annuncia il drone Aero e la flight control Aero Compute Board


Intel have already made a recording breaking attempt:

See also the making of


See Intel ships $399 Aero board to make drones, and a $249 robotics kit

Hasty search results

I don’t have time to research this area fully, at this current moment in time, but here are some interesting links that I found after a quick google search:

Intel®-based Drone Technology Pushes Boundaries…/aerial-technology-overview.html

The Intel® Aero Compute Board is the brains inside this fully-assembled, ready to fly quadcopter. … The Intel Aero Ready to Fly drone is geared for developers, researchers, and UAV enthusiasts to get applications airborne quickly. … …To Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also labelled …

In the news
Image for the news result

Want to build a drone at home? Intel is shipping its Aero Compute Board so you can get your …

More news for intel drone

Intel® Aero Ready-to-Fly Drone – Intel® Aero Platform Developer Kits

Intel® Aero Ready-to-Fly Drone. This ready-to-fly unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development platform is a fully assembled, fully functional quadcopter …

Intel unveils a ready-to-fly drone, the Aero, to win over developers ……/intel-unveils-a-ready-to-fly-drone-the-aero-to-…

16 Aug 2016 – At the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday, Intel unveiled a new, hardware product — a ready-to-fly drone; specifically, a quadcopter, aimed at …

Intel intros a ready-to-fly drone for software developers – Engadget

17 Aug 2016 – Intel has introduced a quadcopter called Aero at its annual developers conference, and we’ll bet you can guess its target audience based on …

Intel bags FAA pass to fly 100-strong drone armadas over US soil …

3 Sep 2016 – Intel says recently passed United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations on commercial drone flights are helping it extend the …

Drone 100 A Magical Experience (100 Dancing Drones Set World …

7 Jan 2016 – Uploaded by Tech360

100 Dancing Drones Set World Record Watch Intel’s Drone 100, a magical and elaborate airborne music and …

Intel Unveils ‘Aero’ Drone Development Platform | Business Aviation ……/intel-unveils-aero-drone-development-platform

19 Aug 2016 – The semiconductor manufacturer will make the platform available todrone application developers later this year.

Intel®-based Drone Technology Pushes Boundaries…/aerial-technology-overview.html

Discover how Intel works with technology innovators to push the boundaries of dronecapabilities and performance, creating new ways to view the world.


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