XBee BlueTooth

XBee Bluetooth


Following on from my BlueTooth blog, Blue Moon, I had been having some issues soldering the HM-11, that I had purchased, on to the mounting boards so as I was itching to use the BlueTooth iOS apps that I had found, I wondered whether a pre-mounted HM-11 on an XBee would be easier to use.

However, a quick perusal of eBay, revealed that only HC-03, HC-04, HC-05 and HC-06 devices appear to exist in the XBee format. This fact is also backed up by the image above – note the silk screen legend for the Module type.  See Blue Moon for an explanation of the differences between the modules.

On a tenuously related note, see also Instructables – Bluetooth Wireless Upload and Arduino Forums – XBee and bluetooth.



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