Solar Panels – Sunniva


Contact Details

Sunniva – Arc One | Electrical Contractors

Cloth Hall Cottage, Water Ln, Smarden Kent TN27 8QB
0808 168 0108

I found these people on Compare My Solar – Compare 19 solar panel prices from 7 installers around Burgess-Hill

I phoned on Saturday morning, left a message, Douglas called me back almost immediately.

Two systems:

  • Basic – £5800 plus VAT
  • Battery Ready – 7500 – 7800 plus VAT

Uses Solar Edge Israeli (ig in Germany and US). Optimiser essential for E/w and S

Panels are Second generation Persium – low light capture

Good for UK 17.4% efficient

Standard panels are 14.4% efficient.

I use 4kWh per day 400kW over 92 days

Thinking of using an electric car?

– The panels system charge a domestic battery, but then there is also an optional 50kWh battery for rapid charging cars in 20 minutes.  You still get paid the feed-in tariff, but you use the electricity instead of dumping it to the grid.

Best to get the EPC done after the PV installation, as it will bring the rating down further. It takes about 7 days to get a EPC done.

The immersion heater is done by a Solic 200, from Earthwise, a UK based company.

A new separate Distribution panel would be put in, which would supplement my current ancient (1960’s ?) distribution panel.

Dougie promised to send me some quotes and proposals by the end of Sunday, and as good as his word, he did. However, they were for 1.9kW systems, even though I had expressly stated that I wanted the maximum 4kW. I got back to him, and then he send me proposals for a 9kW system! Odd behaviour. Anyway, finally I got the appropriate quote for a 4kW system through. It came to £7500 + VAT. Using SolarEdge optimisers and inverters.

Follow up

I turned down the proposal due to cost concerns. What happened next was quite strange. I got quite a few phone calls and emails, using what were , frankly, scare tactics. The system I was going for was:

  • Implemented with Inefficient Solar Panels;
  • Using the wrong Optimisers and Inverter;
  • Didn’t have lightening protection, and;
  • Didn’t include a free maintenance contract for 3 years.

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