Drone kit – ZMR250 Spacers


The bunch of three racing drones frames, that I obtained on eBay, came with a spacer for ZMR 250 drones. After fitting it, I thought that I would get another for the second ZMR 250 frame. Continue reading Drone kit – ZMR250 Spacers


Drone kit -Building a ZMR 250


I got hold of a clone of the ZMR250 and this is my build log. See also Drone kit -ZMR 250. See also Drone kit -Building a Tarot Mini 250 (TL250A).

Please note that this is an on-going blog, and things will change from day to day, as extra information is added, and errors are retrospectively corrected. Please bear that in mind, when reading this – This is not a finished blog, as yet, by any means. Continue reading Drone kit -Building a ZMR 250