[R]amp up!


Following on from Sending out the right signals, having obtained a waveform generator, which only puts out a low voltage signal, I need to amplify the output of a AD9833 board.

Tiny AD9833
Tiny AD9833

The AD9833 outputs a 38mV to 650mV signal (pk-pk?). I want a 0-5V pk-pk signal, so that I can input it into an Arduino analogue input. I would also like a -2.5V-2.5V pk-pk signal, as well as a -5V to 5V signal if possible.

Now the first option could be achieved using a simple non-inverting op-amp with a gain of around 7.69, although there is the 38mV offset which would result in a 292mV to 5V signal.

To deal with the offset an instrumentation amplifier would be the solution. See Scale 30-50mv signal to 0-5v range:

An instrumentation amplifier is the solution.

Instrumentation amplifier
Instrumentation amplifier

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