Dualshock 3

Bluetooth and SONY PS2 controllers


Looking for a cheap way to connect the PS2 controller to the Arduino. See also XBox controllers.

See also the blog, USB Shield.

PS2 Tutorial videos

Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder For Arduino – Banggood.com

USB Shield and Bluetooth dongle.

Control an RC car with a PS3 controller, Arduino UNO, USB host shield and Bluetooth dongle (Part 1)

Arduino + Dongle Bluetooth + Servo Control PS3, connecting the SONY controller up (hardwired via USB Mini to A) via the USB Arduino shield

another SparkFun educational video.

Using a dongle, annoying video, but shows the steps.

A good PS3 controller review, for Arduino and USB host shield, with generic bluetooth dongle, for the original SixAxis and Dual Shock, but have to recode the ID of the PS host. Buy a lot of cheap dongles. Uses  hot swapping and USB cable to program the controller. Shows lots of messages on serial monitor. It briefly states that nRF devices (or BLE HM-10 etc. devices) can only operated in client (slave) mode (although it is possible to reconfigure these HM-10 devices as Masters, see Blue Moon), not as a Bluetooth host, that is why a host USB shield is required along with a cheap Bluetooth host dongle.

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