Spinrite on OSX


After seeing a torrent for Spinrite 6 OSX (which never actually downloaded), I wondered if there actually was a OS X version… There isn’t.

However, see


  • spinrite.exe
  • PlayOnMac
  • VirtualBox

Works on Sierra and High Sierra

White MacBoook – No keyboard connector on PCB


White Macbook – looking at it externally, could be 06, 07, SR, 08 or 09 – after investigation it turned out to be a A1342, Apple MacBook “Core 2 Duo” 2.26 13″ (Uni/Late 09) Specs

The ribbon cable connector on the PCB is missing, therefore it will not power up. However, there could be power on pads.

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OpenCV trackbars and OS X


Notoriously poor coding by the OpenCV group here, with trackbars being barely functional.

The two main issues are:

  • Trackbar value is not displayed
  • Trackbar ordering is not the same as the order in which they are coded
    • In fact is is apparently random, or pseudo-random – it is a logic, but it is not clear what that logic is

Additional issues are:

  • Named windows containing only trackbars do not move with moveWindow()
  • Named windows containing only trackbars do not resize with resizeWindow() – check this!!!
  • Code execution pauses when a trackbar is adjusted
  • Performance hits
    • When trackbars are in the same window as the image being adjusted

I have seen these issues consistently in Python. I am not sure if they all occur in C++ as I haven’t tested for them (yet).

Version info:

  • OS X: High Sierra
  • Python 3.7/3.9
  • OpenCV:

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Converting (PNG/TIFF and) ICO to ICNS – basically.

Harking back to the serialplot application, see HOWTO: Port serialplot to OS X, I decided to use the provided ICO file, to give the OS X application an icon. Sounds easy, right?

Use imagemagick, or don’t… personally, I wouldn’t bother…

Doing it manually, as I want to avoid using the most annoying Xcode, which makes life way too easy. Let’s set the icon in the most difficult way possible

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