Dancing in the royale mint jelly


I was having such a nice day as well, until I got sucked down this rabbit hole.

It happened whilst watching Hart to Hart, of all things. S03E17, Harts on their toes, when Mr. J. Hart does an impromptu “Singing in the rain” skit, starting at 7:24. It’s quite well done too, at least the set up is…

However, that is not what all this is about, it is merely the greasy intro…

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An orbital eye for a robot


A self contained camera and a 2 DOF (pan and tilt) servo set for a robot might be found in the form of one of those orbital camera on the market, such as the exorbitantly priced but excellent Logitech BCC-950, or the more reasonable Logitech Quick Cam (QC) Orbit AF.

Ignore the poor man’s version Oker OE-530A, as (despite its knock-off appearances) it doesn’t have servos, and hence can’t be re-oriented.

This article was moved from Jetson Nano – basic specs.

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Hart to hart – Stanley

On IMDB, this trivia entry, for season 2, episode 11 Slow boat to murder, states (correctly):

In the first episode in which the character of Stanley is introduced Jonathan says Stanley is married and has two daughters.

In the Slow boat to murder episode Stanley is at a singles bar, after JH tells him to take a night off.

The first episode in which Stanley appears is in series 1, episode 6 You Made Me Kill You (credited) – at 13:10 mentioned, and 13:55 needlessly introduces himself – or episode 4 Jonathon Hart Jr. (uncredited) – at 25:00 when JH lists the wife and children and other facts.

Source: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0929502/

However, it is possible that Stanley had a night out on the town, alone, with the blessing of his wife… or maybe without the blessing… who cares?


Neo New Mordor – Best level ever – Marathon Phoenix

Top tip of 2021 – Play the Neo New Mordor level whilst listening to Rataxes 20:20:


This level is part of the excellent Marathon third-party scenario called:

Marathon Phoenix by RyokoTK

All in all, this is a great scenario, tricky and infuriating. Long too…

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Logitech Unifying receiver – originals, fakes and much much more


This was originally under the blog, Dell WK636p keyboard dongle.

This is compatible with the Jetson Nano, apparently, according to the Jetson Nano forums, see Jetson (Nano) compatibility below.

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Making a nipple…


… for a bicycle brake cable… AKA cable-end.

I found a roll of cable that was identical to the cable on my gear shift. It was left behind by the blokes putting up the 5G telecom equipment on the roof right above my room.

My Thai mate told me that I could take it to any shop and get a nipple placed on the end. I pictured a soft lead pellet being squashed on to the end.

After taking it to a number of bike shops in Din Daeng to see if they would/could place a nipple on the end of a two meter length, and getting short shrift at all of the shops, I decided to look into doing it myself. It was only then that I realised that no soft lead pellets were involved, whatsoever… read on…

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XAMPP VM does not work on OS X


While the native version of XAMPP works fine, when trying to run the VM of XAMPP, various versions of the following error occur

ERROR: Error starting "XAMPP" stack: cannot calculate MAC address

on High Sierra, MBP i7 2.66 GHz 17″.

Why bother with the VM version? Because the VM is required for the Bitnami WordPress Add-on, which is no longer supplied as OS X native.

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