Understand and developing firmware – IDE help


Taken from a deleted question Understand and developing firmware – IDE help


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How do I get a .hex file on to my Arduino?


So you have been given a .hex file, and you need to get it onto the Arduino. How is that possible. Maybe you are used to jst dealing with .ino files, compiling them in the Arduino IDE and then letting it do the rest?

This post was inspired by Recalibrating Home-position.

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Thai- style roman fonts


I was sent this image.

At first I thought that it was a clever use of the Thai characters. However, after looking at the actual Thai character set  I realised that it was not.

Then I thought that it could be a mix of real and fake characters, for example the “H” is a ho hip (ห), the O is very similar to a o ang (อ) or tua o (อ), U is a bo baimai (บ) with a tin yiat (◌ุ), T is a ro ruea (ร) and the I is a mai na (เ) with a phinthu i (◌ิ), whereas the C, E and Y are clearly fake, the N is a reversed H (or rather, a reversed ho hip (ห)) and the F looks like an unfinished kho khwai (ค) and the A looks like something, but it isn’t, and the R is a reversed version of the A without the cross bar.

Finally, I wondered  whether there was a single font that contained all of these characters, and I went off on a hunt for it.

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