unifdef and SSD1306_ProgressBar


Following on from ProgressBar madness

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0.91″ SSD1306


I bought this, 0.91″128×32 IIC I2C White DIY OLED LCD Display Module 3.3V Fr PIC Arduino Hot im and connected it to an Arduino Mega, SDA/SCL/GND and connected to 5V and thought that I had broken it…

It turns out that I hadn’t, and only the very first versions of this display are 3V3 sensitive. However, finding a library to work was a bit of a task, and a small library, that doesn’t gobble up all of the Arduino’s memory, is even harder to find.

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Replacing the battery in an Innokin CoolFire IV


Do you need to replace the battery in your Coolfire? If so, then read on…

Most of the CoolFire IV models use 18650 soldered batteries, except the TC 100 which uses a LiPo pack.


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