I started looking into vaping… after I had a go on a Aspire Mega at a BBQ that I attended. At first, I was completely blinded by the terminology and the miriad of options and mods available, but then I realised that I wanted:

  • a high power system that uses 18650 batteries, which can be charged in-situ, if need be, using a micro USB charger and a good 510 connector
  • a buildable/modifiable tank system

Whilst not the immediate choice for a novice vaper, the Wisbec RX300 combined with a Cleito 120 with RTA system seemed ideal. However, I was also tempted by the Aspire Elite kit, although the CF Maxx’s lack of 18650 batteries and odd charger put me off somewhat…

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APM Power Modules


This blog leads on from the blogs Flight Controllers, see the section on APM/Additional Required Extras, (in particular Safetly Use CLONE APM Power Modules), as well as Low Voltage Warning for CC3D. There are varying reports that claim that these devices can pass the full battery voltage to the flight controller and fry it, but there are also others that say that this is scaremongering – so who is telling the truth? Also there are cheaper clones versions that lack certain components. This article explores both of these points.

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HP Compaq TC4200 not starting, at all


After not using the laptop for six months, and having left the battery in for that duration, I found that the laptop would not power up. To be fair, it had been playing up for a while prior to the six months – the sleep functionality had been intermittent for a while (it would just reboot, instead of coming out of sleep mode (I think, my memory is rather hazy)), and then there had been a bit of a refusing-to-start issue.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the CMOS/BIOS battery has expired…

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