Veroboard, AKA stripboard – undeniably useful stuff, which has been around since 1959, but how about having some planning tools to hand, to save having all of those tatty designs drawn on the backs of old envelopes…

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Veroboard sizes

These are the commonly found stripboard dimensions:

  • 25 x 64 mm => 9 strips x 25 holes (225T) – not 24 holes
  • 70 x 90 mm => 26 strips x 34 holes (884T)
  • 65 x 95 mm (2.5″ x 3.75″)  => 24 strips x 37 holes (888T)
  • 65 x 145 mm (2.5″ x 5.75″) => 24 strips x 56 holes
  • 95 x 127 mm => 36 strips x 50 holes (1800T)
  • 100 x 160 mm => 35 strips x 61 holes (2135T)
  • 100 x 240 mm => 36 strips x 92 holes ( )
  • 100 x 250 mm => 35 strips x 96 holes (3360T)
  • 100 x 250 mm => 32 strips x 96 holes ( )
  • 100 x 245 mm => 36 strips x 92 holes
  • 180 x 300 mm => 63 strips x 108 holes
  • 95 x 432 mm => 36 strips x 170 holes (6120T)
  • 119 x 455 mm => 46 strips x 179 holes

Handy Links


Now I’m trying to create the schematics in TINA or EAGLE, export the netlist and import it from VeeCAD for a stripboard layout. If this doesn’t work I will try to design the stripboard manually from the schematics, but I’m afraid that won’t be easy.


See also What a Cad! for general circuit design and PCB layout applications, which, in general, can also be used for stripboard layout.

  • EagleCAD
  • KiCad
  • VeeCAD
  • TinyCAD
  • gEDA – an interesting opensource application
  • DXF
  • PCD-RND (can import Eagle files)
  • LochMaster – from the look of it, overpriced software

From Hackaday – Eagle to KiCad made easy

The FOSS PCB layout editor PCB-RND is now able to load binary format Eagle layouts and libraries, as well as XML format layouts and libraries.

The code for this import capability was written out of concerns for legacy designs and user contributed libraries and OSHW projects in the information commons that could be fenced off by the new licence changes for Eagle.

PCB-RND can also load Protel Autotrax/Easytrax layouts, Kicad legacy format and s-expression format layouts, and gEDA PCB layouts. It can also export layouts in Protel Autotrax, Kicad s-expression and gEDA PCB formats, along with its own native file format.

PCB-RND is written in C89 with an emphasis on supporting portability. It can drive GTK2, GTK3, lesstif and GL user interfaces, or run headless from the CLI for batch processing.

Cheapest on eBay



Pack of PCB Solder In Take Off Pins AKA Vero Pins Single & Double Sided PCVP cm-, £3.50


Pack of PCB Solder In Take Off Pins AKA Vero Pins 100 x Double Sided CM19, £4.90


Screw terminals could be used, as they offer greater mechanical strengths as they are two pins,


Test rings





Track tool, Stripboard PCB Veroboard Copper Track Cutter Hand Tool, £2.89+£0.75


NiftyBender Deluxe – a Tool for the Stripboard User


Veropin tool, a hollow point tool for pushing veroboard on to vero pins



Past purchases





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