Repair Andis SuperLiner motor


The Andis SuperLiner is a  120V device. The girlfriend plugged it straight into a 240V wall socket. This ended up burning out both the motor and the mini circuit board which holds the power switch and four diodes.

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Important: First unplug the shaver..!!!

Remove the shaving attachment.

Opening it up is a fairly simple matter, apart from the first step of removing the silver cover from the top side. A flat bladed knife, eased along both of the sides is best for this. Here I am using a metal ruler.


There is a lip under side the front edge of the silver top plate, and two small catches at the rear, which you need to be careful not to break.


Here is how the top plate fits on to the top cover, as seen from inside


Once the silver top plate is removed you can then access the four screws, two short at the rear and two long at the front, which also secure the motor housing within.


Once the four screws are removed then, remove the rest of the front cover, which will reveal the motor, in its housing and the switch circuit, which is basically four diodes configured as a bridge rectifier and a switch.


Gently prise out the motor housing, there is a lip which slides under a catch in the base, so the housing needs to be slid forward to remove it.

Looking at the motor housing from the front you will be able to see two small screws. Loosen them and the motor will fall out.


The motor is a DF315XLG-[011 or 021 – not sure which, the only difference being the revolution speed: 6200 rpm (no load)/4000 rpm (maximum efficiency),  and; 7900rpm (no load)/5500 rpm (max efficiency), respectively] High Voltage DC Motor – Johnson Electric, link on yumpu.


Unfortunately, the Johnson Electric website is appalling, and it is not possible to easily look at the datasheet/specifications for that particular motor, without having to register.

Dimensions Datasheet link, Johnson_motor-4888

The burning of the circuit and on the motor itself, can be quite easily seen in this photo:


It does not seem to be particularly readily available on eBay, unfortunately.

Further links

Here is a Link from a Russian website showing a circuit and the same motor

Отдали ирригатор привезенный из США(рассчитанный на 120В 60 Гц) после проверки работоспособности в нашей сети. Включили – поработало мало – запахло – выключили – почитали инструкцию. Устройство простое, схема по питанию:
опубликованное пользователем изображение

Проверен был мотор и прозвонен предохранитель(уверенности нет, но думаю что предохранитель) – рабочие. Неисправен резистор, поэтому и возникла идея о восстановлении устройства, но опыта мало, теория подзабыта, поэтому и прошу помочь.

Вместе с платой выглядит таким образом:
опубликованное пользователем изображение
Мотор используется такой:
опубликованное пользователем изображение
DF315XLG 120V DC
ID: 507015000000
Сгоревшее сопротивление(оригинал фото(2Мб)):
опубликованное пользователем изображение



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