Theme Park in DOSBox on OSX


After playing syndicate (download here – the right mouse is used for fire, space does not work), I thought I’d try Theme Park (also from Abandonware), but unlike syndicate which just unzipped, Theme Park is the installer and it throws a wobbly if not installed from a floppy – having the installer in the DOSGAMES directory (or folder) does not work…

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Kossel 3D Printer


The idea of building a Kossel came to me after:

  • Seeing on ReprapWiki – Kossel, that the Kossel uses OpenBeam, which is very similar to 2020 extruded aluminium, except that it is 1515, and as I had already sourced some inexpensive 2020 for my Wilson II 3D printer, in Bangkok, it would not be much of a problem to go and get some more;
  • Coming across HTA3D’s Kossel printed parts, on eBay, for €29.99, and;
HTA3D Kossel parts
HTA3D Kossel parts
  • Having watched the following video on the Micromake 3D printer, that uses 2020 aluminium and is similar to the Kossel (inasmuch as it is a Delta printer). See this explanatory video:

However, as I have stated above, the main reason was that I had the idea of sourcing the aluminium for the Kossel, whilst I was in Bangkok, as aluminium is relatively cheap in Bangkok, when compared to Europe.

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