P3Steel from Poland – A tale of despair, dismay and woe


Don’t get me wrong, I think that the P3Steel 3D printer is a very good design/derivative of the Prusa i3. However, the version of the frame that I purchased is somewhat lacking in finesse, and the supplier, from whom I obtained it, leaves something to be desired, when it comes to pre-sales and after-sales care.
The frame that I purchased was the Frame Prusa I3 P3Steel v4.0 +RODS, from a supplier based in Poland.

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P3Steel version 4 modifications


A collection of useful modifications for the P3Steel v.4, as described by the basis of a draft from the P3Steel, with metal elements for X-Axis made on basis of I3 CORDOBESA Full Steel 1/8″ LASERCUT with Bowden extruder.

It is worth noting that a number of these modifications can also be applied to other cartesian 3D printers, such as the Wilson II. Some of the modifications/upgrades could also be applied to other 3D printers, such as Delta printers (i.e. Kossel) for example, the reinforced GT2 belt, and Extruder stepper with planetary gearbox.

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