MA-149 – Automotive DMM


A friend was given one. The screen was shot, but repaired using the old silver foil technique. However, the meter refused to give any readings.

It is difficult to find the User guide (in English). It seems to be a Spanish device… even though it is made in China.

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Notes about 8-bit guy’s dream computer


I had watched this series, Commander X16 / Dream Computer Series, by The 8-Bit Guy before, but I hadn’t taken copious notes, apart from one mention of the sound chips in Chiptunes. After stumbling across the series again, I thought I’d make a list of the most salient points

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Xerox Alto restoration and a BeagleBone Ethernet gateway


After randomly watching some YouTube videos about the Lisa, after getting a Lisa emulator running, and then googling the Xerox Alto, I stumbled across a video (or rather a series of videos) by CuriousMarc that documents the restoration of a Xerox Alto 2 (and the partial restoration of a second Alto).

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Surface Pro 3 docks


Looking for a cheap dock to enhance your rather limited number of outputs of your Surface Pro 3? It only has a mini Display port and one USB 3.0 port.

You’ll want a externally powered dock, with an external power supply unit (PSU)… which is necessary to provide the additional power required to drive all of the devices that you will connect to your new dock.

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Improving a Thai multiway plug board


Many of the plugboards in Thailand are very poor quality and even dangerous. Melting fuse cases is a common fault, the plugboards offer no noise suppression, and sparks often fly out of them when you plug something in.

Here is a few ways they can be improved…

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