Veroboard dimensions


Following on from Veroboard and the Sequencer bus described in Sequencer notes, the sequencer bus consists of two separate stripboard designs:

  • The first step
  • The second and subsequent steps all use the same board layout

With respect to the 9T24H board used for the Second (and subsequent) Step Sequencer Bus v0.7… as there are 9 of these boards for the 2-10 potentiometer stages for each sequencer (10 step) stage, is it not more economical to combine on one larger board, of n x 9 Tracks?

Likewise, the v0.7 of the First Step Sequence Bus, requires 12T30H, will that not fit multiple times on a larger size board?

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PCB prototyping


PCB etching, or rather routing, via CNC, as opposed to using Ferric Chloride, is not too different from 3D printing, with respect to the equipment (hardware/software)…

In addition to routing, if you prefer the old fashioned etching, CNC can be used to mark out the traces using a pen, instead of having to print the PCB masks using photosensitive boards…

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