XBOX controllers


I was trying to save cash, whilst trying to design a robot, and I was reluctant to purchase a full-on R/C transmitter, as these can be rather expensive.

After considering the PS2 controller options, which include using:

  • a custom PS2 receiver;
  • a standard generic Bluetooth USB adapter, and;
  • fooling the USB shield from wireless to wired (using the custom PS2 receiver).

For more information about these three options, see the PS2 controller blog.

However, I then thought that I would see if I could use an XBox controller. Again there are multiple options available to the hacker:

  • Using a Microsoft wireless optical desktop receiver;
  • Using a generic Chinese clone;
  • Using the RF receiver from an XBox, and;
  • Some other hardware solution.

This blog will investigate each of these options.

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