Servo control using an N76E003AT20 board


Instead of the 16 channel PCA9685 based servo controller, use a N76E003AT20 two channel board to control a pan/tilt Pi cam setup using a Jetson Nano.

So, the code from Paul McWhorter’s, AI on the Jetson Nano LESSON 31: Controlling Servos with the Jetson Nano using the PCA9685 , will change…

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OpenWRT and D-Link DIR-878


I got hold of one of these for 40 baht in Yu Charoen, with the power supply (non-branded 12 V 1.5 A).

Remarkably, it appears to work, as the status lights will attest to:

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have a USB port but there is a serial port inside. Supported by OpenWRT – the latest version 21.02.1. 16 MB Flash and 128 MB RAM. 3V3 board not 5V

Finally a router that can be used to control a Roomba..!

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Course notes: Another Arduino based robot car


Notes from Robotics Training LESSON 1: An Introduction to Robotics for Absolute Beginners

Yet another robot car, based on Arduino. This project uses the Elegoo robot car.

It’s interesting to compare this one with the Murtaza car projects. The movement functions are more sophistimicated on this project.


Note that this course code is for V3 of the Elegoo car. V3+ and V4 will not work, without some modification.

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XBOX controllers


I was trying to save cash, whilst trying to design a robot, and I was reluctant to purchase a full-on R/C transmitter, as these can be rather expensive.

After considering the PS2 controller options, which include using:

  • a custom PS2 receiver;
  • a standard generic Bluetooth USB adapter, and;
  • fooling the USB shield from wireless to wired (using the custom PS2 receiver).

For more information about these three options, see the PS2 controller blog.

However, I then thought that I would see if I could use an XBox controller. Again there are multiple options available to the hacker:

  • Using a Microsoft wireless optical desktop receiver;
  • Using a generic Chinese clone;
  • Using the RF receiver from an XBox, and;
  • Some other hardware solution.

This blog will investigate each of these options.

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