QBrain quad ESC 25 A

Q-Brain quad ESC


A QBrain quad ESC was on eBay, Q Brain Quattro 4 x 20A Brushless ESC 2-4S 3A BEC for multirotor quadcopter for £20. It is more expensive that four cheap Chinese ESCs, but maybe it is more reliable?

There are two variants of this device, 20 A and 25 A.

QBrain quad ESC 20A
QBrain quad ESC 20 A
QBrain quad ESC 25 A
QBrain quad ESC 25 A

See Review: Hobbywing Quattro Skywalker 20A ESC which is linked to from HK Q Brain ESC. The Hobbywing Quattro is essentially the same thing as the Q Brain 4 x ESC.

Hobbywing Quattro Skywalker 20A ESC
Hobbywing Quattro Skywalker 20A ESC

These devices enable the wiring to be neater, as there is less of a birds nest. The main negative points of note are:

  • There is a danger of the device getting hot and failing, due to the close proximity of the ESCs together in such as small volume, post 32.
  • If one ESC fails then the whole device is a failure. Post 29, post 31
  • Can only program one ESC at a time, post 28, post 33, post 34, post 35post 53
  • Can program all channels simultaneously, post 7, post 57
  • It is important to leave clearance above, below and around the device, post 32.
  • The cables, from the ESC, can be rather long to the motors, and there is some camps that believe that the cables should be as short as possible, i.e. the ESCs should be located as close to the motors as possible. However, others say that tit is better that the wires between the battery and the ESC should be kept as short as possible. See HK Q Brain ESC. – post 9
  • As usual there are reports of clones, or counterfeit devices that will not render the same performance
  • KK2 power, post 45post 48, post 51post 69

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