Pocket ‘scope


Whilst updating my RC Transmitters – DIY – arduinorc page, and referring back to the original source document, ArduinoRC hardware page, I noticed this image on the Gallery link:


The little digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) looked both handy and cool.

So what is it, and how does it shape up?

Note that this page is a bit of a follow up from My first oscilloscope… that ‘scope is a beautiful device, but not practical in a small office nor is it particularly portable.

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The UT-D07A is a BlueTooth adapter for the UT-71, UT-181 and UT-171 DMMs, and it costs around £20, if you shop around on eBay and AliExpress.

However, the UT-D07A is not much cop apparently… or rather the (iOS) software crashes regularly, there’s no Windows software to speak of, and basically, it’s probably not worth the cash… That said, it could be a useful addition, if you need to see graphical data. However, it is worth noting that as there is no Mac or Windows support, the ability to use that data, apart from obtaining pretty graphs from iPhone/iPad screenshots, may be rather limited

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