Testing 3D Printers


It is imperative to be able to test the quality of 3D printers, and to have a standard test procedure, in order to be able to test like for like, and accurately compare printers. Continue reading Testing 3D Printers


Bench hardware


After my recent purchase of an oscilloscope, I realised that I was also in the market for a bench power supply and a signal generator.

  • The power supply should produce 0-15V @ 2A, but 30 V @ 5A would be good.
  • Signal generator 5 MHZ, 5Vp-p (40 MHz, 10Vp-p), can make one using Arduino, but a bench boxed model would be nice
  • Frequency Counter – I have one in my DMM, so not absolutely necessary, but a nice to have.

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Choosing which Multimeter to buy


I was living in Bangkok, and had resurrected my past interest in electronics, most notably through using Arduinos.  After playing about for a few weeks I realised that I sorely needed a digital multimeter (DMM). I already own one, from my days at University, 27 years ago, a M-776 Precision Gold Autorange Digital Multimeter (with transistor tester and display hold) from Maplin. Cost me £20 at the time, which seemed like a lot of money back then (For a pound you could do the week’s shopping, have a night out on the town, entertain some ladies and still have enough money to get the bus home – not any more, eh?), although I seem to remember it being a top of the mid-range model, so worth it.

Maplin Precision GOLD M-776 DMM
Maplin Precision GOLD M-776 DMM

I have still got the box it came in!

The Box that the Maplin M-776 DMM came in
The Box that the Maplin M-776 DMM came in

Anyway, I digress… so the M-776 was no good to me back in the UK, when I’m in BKK, so I thought that I might as well splash out and get a new one, for two reasons:

  • It is always handy to have two, so that you can simultaneously measure current and voltage, and;
  • The newer models weere bound to have better features than the M-776

Now, which one to buy?

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