Bench hardware


After my recent purchase of an oscilloscope, I realised that I was also in the market for a bench power supply and a signal generator.

  • The power supply should produce 0-15V @ 2A, but 30 V @ 5A would be good.
  • Signal generator 5 MHZ, 5Vp-p (40 MHz, 10Vp-p), can make one using Arduino, but a bench boxed model would be nice
  • Frequency Counter – I have one in my DMM, so not absolutely necessary, but a nice to have.

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Choosing which Multimeter to buy


I was living in Bangkok, and had resurrected my past interest in electronics, most notably through using Arduinos.  After playing about for a few weeks I realised that I sorely needed a digital multimeter (DMM). I already own one, from my days at University, 27 years ago, a M-776 Precision Gold Autorange Digital Multimeter (with transistor tester and display hold) from Maplin. Cost me £20 at the time, which seemed like a lot of money back then (For a pound you could do the week’s shopping, have a night out on the town, entertain some ladies and still have enough money to get the bus home – not any more, eh?), although I seem to remember it being a top of the mid-range model, so worth it.

Maplin Precision GOLD M-776 DMM
Maplin Precision GOLD M-776 DMM

I have still got the box it came in!

The Box that the Maplin M-776 DMM came in
The Box that the Maplin M-776 DMM came in

Anyway, I digress… so the M-776 was no good to me back in the UK, when I’m in BKK, so I thought that I might as well splash out and get a new one, for two reasons:

  • It is always handy to have two, so that you can simultaneously measure current and voltage, and;
  • The newer models weere bound to have better features than the M-776

Now, which one to buy?

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