Useful Arduino Shields – Shield Management


Following on the Arduino blogs, which began with My Arduino Babies, here is a brief write up about some useful shields which whilst they do not specifically offer any new functions or interfaces for the real world, they deal with Shield Management. These useful shields can solve some of those headaches that one can sometimes encounter in Arduino projects.

This short blog was originally tacked on to the bottom of the USB Shield blog.

Shields of note

Some shields that have not yet come to pass:

  • Register shield
  • Reverse shield

Looking at each in turn:

Register shield

This shield enables the use of shields with conflicting IO pins, by adding a buffer memory and shield selector line.

  • Select daughter shield, by ID, and last IO pin states are registered.

Reverse shield

This shield enables shields to be stacked underneath, by adding long header pins to the Arduino board.

  • Add pins to underneath of Arduino, add/stack shields underneath, as well as on top of.

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