DIN sockets


Following on from Making your own ArduinoBoy, I need to get some 5 pin DIN sockets for MIDI connections. There is a surprisingly large array of types out there, but it basically boils down to PCB or panel mounted. But within those two groups there is still a variety to choose from, especially for panel mounted, depending on how you want them to fix into the panel (push fit, screwed on or bolt/compression fit). PCB mounted DIN sockets are generally one of two footprints, depending on whether they are horizontal or vertical.

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Making your own ArduinoBoy


Following on from ArduinoBoys and others and Scaling PDF for PCB, here’s a step by step guide to making Trash80’s ArduinoBoy, on a PCB. For a photographic guide, see ArduinoBoy build.

Obviously, you don’t have to use a PCB and you could make the ArduinoBoy using stripboard/veroboard, ProtoShield, or even on a breadboard… see at the bottom for a suggested layouts.

BTW, I assume Trash80’s moniker is a nod to the Radio Shack TRS-80?

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