Blue Moon


Controlling Arduino using an iOS app via BLE. There are a number of varieties of modules, and don’t get confused by the BT only modules, which don’t support BLE (which is required for Apple devices):

  • HC-05 – BT Master and slave [source]
  • HC-06 – BT Slave only
  • HM-10 – BLE – The HM-10 can operate on a lower voltage at the expense of real estate.
  • HM-11 – BLE – The HM-11 has significantly less I/O exposed off the interposer PCB, including GPIO and USB [source]. See also the XBee Bluetooth blog

Which one is the right one?

The right one?

Apple iPhones can only talk to HM-10/HM-11/AP-09, as HC-5/HC-06 only support BT 2.0, which iPhones do not support.

Video tutorials

Using the Light Blue App

Using the Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect App (requires iOS 8.0.2)

No video yet.

From EEEnthusiast, a good example, using an Android app

Soldering HM-10 modules, a strange video, from bitluni’s lab, employing solder fat/grease, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) – 05: Soldering,

I purchased an HM-10 module and five backplanes cheaply. I successfully soldered all but two pins down one side, but then both my eyes and my soldering iron failed me and I ended up with dirty solder joints and had to trash both the HM-10 and backplane. I would recommend purchasing the module already mounted – the cost savings in purchasing the items separately is minimal and just not worth the fuss… unless you really have to or you need to make a custom solution.

In addition, not all of the connections need to be soldered. In fact, only seven are required, (1, 2, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16), see image:

BLE and Serial, Sending AT commands to a HM-10, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) – 06: Serial connection, from bitluni’s lab

Second part, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) – 07: Data transfer and remote control,

Reconfigure a BLE module using the AT+ROLE command to master (ROLE:1) from slave (ROLE:0). Also, change the mode to Remote Control (MODE:1) on second BLE device.

Another SMD soldering video, using solder paste, a hot air gun and a solder braid.

Creating your own iOS app

Here is an excellent tutorial, Arduino Tutorial: Integrating Bluetooth LE and iOS where you create the code for both the Arduino and iOS.

iOS apps

iOS apps already out there.

 I downloaded a number of BLE iOS apps:

  • RFduino Temp
  • RFduino Servo
  • RFduino Color Wheel
  • Arduino Apploader
  • iShield
  • OpenBLE
  • Play BL Uno
  • nRF UART
  • n-Track tuner
  • LightBlue
  • BLEController
  • BLE Arduino
  • BLEduino
  • Bluno Term
  • BLE-IO

And not strictly a Arduino App

  • BLE Finder
  • Not had chance to try them out yet though

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