D-Day – The actual solar PV installation


The installation was carried out by Clear Sky Energy, which is run by Steve West (see also the Clear Sky Energy survey blog). A most professional team (Steve and Scotty), they arrived promptly on the Monday, and after introductions all round, then began work start away. Below are the photographs of how the work progressed, in chronological order.


To read the full story, please start at the beginning, with Home PV Installations.

(Useless) Facts


The rails used in this installation are black, normally there are silver, so I am lucky. Also they are 4.2m, whereas the silver rails are 3.15m. The problem is the delivery – most transport companies won’t take very long items, or charge (excessively) more for them. Even these extra long rails required splicing together for the West facing roof.


We had a few issues with a couple of large (queen) wasps in the loft. One was dispatched by me, the other was caught and then later released by Scotty.


The weatherproof connectors between panel and optimiser are MC4. In the future, the connectors will change, and will be using a connector known as IP68.

The Photo Galleries

The photographs showing the daily progress:

Post Installation

(See also: PV Installation – Follow up and afterthoughts for further details)

Once the panels and electronics are installed there is still a fair amount of post installation work to do:

  • Filling in paperwork
  • Configuration of online portals (OWL and SolarEdge)
  • Contacting your provider for the FIT application
  • MCS
  • EPC survey

Amongst other things:

Fit Application

Best to go with a smaller company:

Someone has to physically read the number on the meter. I then input it over the Web. I use good energy. My solar provider said they were one of the fastest paying. Traditional energy companies have a reputation for hanging on to your money too long.

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