Grove connector


In an attempt to answer the question on StackExchange Arduino, What type of connector does the GROVE system use?, and after looking up the Grove system, I contacted the technical support team at Seeed. I promptly had a reply, and below is the information that I received.

The datasheet

This is the datasheet (PDF) on the connector that I was sent: 110990030-model

Here is a screenshot of the datasheet,

Screenshot of Grove connector datasheet
Screenshot of Grove connector datasheet

I also received this, somewhat cryptic, information:

11006005(OLD) –>110060161(NEW)

Grove – Light Sensor change to V1.2, which had another light sensor.

Others same.


Just some performance optimization.

From ebay, Grove – SMD Universal 4 pin connector (10 Stück), here is another diagram of a connector, although the diagram clearly shows only a three pin connector, and not the four pin connector used in the Grove system::

Dimensions of Grove connector
Dimensions of Grove connector

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