PalmPilot coding


I had an old O’Reilley book PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide  Palm Programming: The Developer’s Guide, which used CodeWarrior for coding on the Mac and the book came with a CD which contained a dev environment and a demo version of CodeWarrior. I ended up writing a fair amount of code using the demo software on a Quadra 610. However, whilst writing a Pokemon clone, the demo failed, due to a lack of memory (limited to 1MB code on the demo version, I think). At the time, I never had the money for a real copy of CodeWarrior (it was ~£300)

So, now that CodeWarrior is basically free abandon ware….

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The search for the ambient music application


I once had a demo of an application that ran on a Apple Macintosh Quadra running System 7.x (I believe that it also ran on DOS/Win95), that was a glorious techni-colour media experience that played wonderfully smoothing ambient music, which you could alter slightly by clicking on various easter eggs hidden within the image on screen.

However, for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called or where I can find it now…

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