LiPo chargers again


Following on from GhettoVaper – an extended GhettoVape III, I thought that I would add, if possible, the ability to balance charge the LIPos via a micro USB port. However, as the battery configuration is 2P, and not 2S, it may not be possible.

This time we are looking at PCB chargers, and Battery Management Systems (BMS).

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GhettoVaper – an extended GhettoVape III


Following on from Vaping – Box Mods, I decided to extend the GhettoVape III sketch, which was posted by Julian Loiacono:

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PWM.h for Arduino


Following on from Vaping – Box Mods, I was trying to compile NewPWM, from Github: OpenSource Vape/ Smart_PWM_Test, and I was constantly getting the error:

NewPWM.ino:13:17: fatal error: PWM.h: No such file or directory

I searched google for ages, couldn’t find anything. Then, finally, I searched on Stack Exchange Arduino and found this answer from Mavidad, to Generating PWM signal 1-2 ms @ 333 Hz). NewPWM requires PWM.h from GoogleCode: arduino-pwm-frequency-library.

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Magnetic personality


Following on from Kossel 3D Printer, I purchased some magnetic balls and ball joints on eBay, because they were extremely cheap (or cheaper than the other balls/joints that I had seen elsewhere), without really thinking about what I was going to use them for, or how I was going to mount them.

This is the tale of what happened.

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Don’t eat the glowing fish


After hearing that Fukushima is still leaking radiative waste and coolant into the sea, I wanted to check the fish in Tesco Lotus for radiation. Initially I thought about buying an old school military/academic Geiger counter.

However, after a quick search and having seen some pretty discrete Geiger counters, on eBay, that fit in the microphone socket of the iPhone, and looking up some reviews, in order to gauge their effectiveness, I came across, not only some interesting DIY video tutorials, but also some reviews of more serious geiger counters, scintillation counters, and most interestingly of all, the vintage CDV-700 and the hacks that can be applied to it.

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