MA-149 – Automotive DMM


A friend was given one. The screen was shot, but repaired using the old silver foil technique. However, the meter refused to give any readings.

It is difficult to find the User guide (in English). It seems to be a Spanish device… even though it is made in China.

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Notes about 8-bit guy’s dream computer


I had watched this series, Commander X16 / Dream Computer Series, by The 8-Bit Guy before, but I hadn’t taken copious notes, apart from one mention of the sound chips in Chiptunes. After stumbling across the series again, I thought I’d make a list of the most salient points

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Loadsa buttons!


Cycling aimlessly around Bangkok, I came across this street side stall (more of a table actually):

I stopped to see what was on offer and came across this old NEC DCR-60-1/780060…

… and all of the buttons reminded me of my friend Pavel’s Pocket Operator (by Teenage Engineering) musical gizmo, and thought that once gutted and innards reassembled, it could be used to make a sequencing musical beat doodad…

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