Steel series Cataclysm mouse


I picked one up for 10 baht. Wow! (no pun intended) this is a giant mouse, and used to cost $99 back in the day.

After some serious fiddling with the buttons, they all work (initially buttons 6 and 7 didn’t), having confirmed using the Windows app, on Windows 10. The OS X application didn’t work on 10.13.6 (High Sierra).

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Switching between windows in the Arduino IDE on OS X


The OS X version of the Arduino IDE annoyingly doesn’t have a Window menu, through which you could select which sketch Window has the focus.

So if you have multiple sketch windows open, one or more of which are full screen, then they are constantly obscuring each other and you find yourself having to constantly move windows back and forth, and/or minimising and maximising windows just to get at the correct window – which rapidly becomes a right pain in the arse.

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MediaPipe install fails on OS X


OS X 10.13.6. Trying to install MediaPipe, using this guide, Mediapipe – Getting started – install – installing on macos. Installation failures when running:

$ bazel run --define MEDIAPIPE_DISABLE_GPU=1 mediapipe/examples/desktop/hello_world:hello_world --verbose_failures

Each attempt results in a different linking error, there is no consistency.

This blog follows on from Course notes: Hand Tracking, which requires MediaPipe.

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