XBee and ZigBee


Base page for all things Xbee and ZigBee related.

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USB-Serial interfaces


There are a number of different devices, or boards, that convert from USB to RS232 serial signals. They all carry out, more or less, the same function, the main difference being the choice of IC used to implement the interface. Continue reading USB-Serial interfaces

Nano IO Shield


This is a useful board that provides servo, XBee and nRFnRF24L01+ connectors for an Arduino Nano. It has onboard regulators for 5 V and 3.3 V. A external power supply of up to 12 V can be used, although, I would exercise caution if using a 12V PSU in conjunction with a Chinese cloned Nano, as 12 V at Vin could possibly cause the Nano to blow (12V + NANO VIN = SMOKE! help!). A 9 V 2 A PSU would be recommended. Continue reading Nano IO Shield

Using XBee 868 as R/C


After having second thoughts about whether a XBee 868 is suitable for a RC, seeing as it is dubious if it is suitable for video transmission, see XBee and video streaming, I thought that it would be wise to check to see if they are appropriate for R/C control. This search surprisingly throw up some issues with the XBees devices, namely:

  • groundplane issues and;
  • packet freeze and the need to reset (due to a 10% duty cycle).

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