Sticky Fire Button – Vaporesso Target Pro


Finally, a success story..! I had acquired a Vaporesso Target Pro as part of a vape bundle (along with a couple of Crown tanks and an Alien 220W and maybe some other stuff). It is a very nice, single 18650 cell, mod. I started using it exclusively, and for a while it was my favourite mod – small in the hand, not bulky, and powerful for its size. OK, it can tend to over balance and fall over if you don’t set it down carefully and slowly, and yes, it looks like a gun handle or joystick for a home computer from the late 1980’s, but overall it is a nice little mod.

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Reviving a dead 18650 LiPo


I had my first 18650 LiPo death recently. A single battery left in a Target Pro mod, for over six months. The mod would not charge the 18650 at all… that is to say that the charging light would show the animation of the battery charging, but no process was ever made in the state of the charge (over the space of 12 hours).

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DIN sockets


Following on from Making your own ArduinoBoy, I need to get some 5 pin DIN sockets for MIDI connections. There is a surprisingly large array of types out there, but it basically boils down to PCB or panel mounted. But within those two groups there is still a variety to choose from, especially for panel mounted, depending on how you want them to fix into the panel (push fit, screwed on or bolt/compression fit). PCB mounted DIN sockets are generally one of two footprints, depending on whether they are horizontal or vertical.

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