The case of the broken Pro Micro (reprise)

Revisited – one year later

Looking at this issue again, The case of the broken Pro Micro, one year later, when I connect the Pro Micro to a USB port on the PC, it is just not recognised. It is worth noting that I was using a newer version of the Arduino IDE (1.6.11) this time around. Last year I was using version 1.6.5. Continue reading The case of the broken Pro Micro (reprise)

Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP


I purchased off eBay a Dell 3008WFP monitor, a spare screen, control module and power supply unit, along which some spare cables and switches, for around £600 in 2012. It was working fine, although it had obviously been repaired, as the vendor was a Dell repairs department. I noticed that a hot of heat was generated from the rear top vent of the monitor when it was on. Then after a few months, one day, the monitor refused to turn on. The problem seems to be the infamous diode D22. Continue reading Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP

XBox power connector


The DC power connection (plug) is a proprietry connector, that has lugs that prevent under powered power supplies being used with an incorrect XBox 360:

  • A 203W power brick will work on all XBox 360 variants;
  • A 175W power brick will only work with a 175W or 150W XBox 360;
  • A 150W power brick will only connect to, and work with, a 150W XBox 360

Continue reading XBox power connector

Repair Andis SpeedMaster II motor


Like the Andis SuperLiner, the SpeedMaster II is a 120V device, and as such, if you do not live in the United States then you will need a (step-down) voltage adapter. If plugged into a 240V source, it will fry the motor. This is what happened to mine. SO, instead of throwing it away, I decided to try to repair it. Continue reading Repair Andis SpeedMaster II motor