Smok Alien 220W will not turn on


I had a secondhand Smok Alien, running VB1.0.2 firmware, that was working perfectly for a number of months, but I was only ever charging the batteries via the USB charging port. However, after opening the battery compartment, and removing the batteries, with the Smok Alien still switched on, it thereafter refused to start, once batteries had been replaced. It wasn’t just a case of just the display having ceased to light up, while the rest of the mod’s functionality remains, as is frequently reported. In my case, the Alien absolutely refused to start/boot.

My problems/symptoms seems to be the same as this post:

This morning, my Alien VB version stopped working totally. Yesterday in my bed used it normally, no problem at all. Finished vaping so i put the batteries in my external charger. This morning I waked up and put the charged batteries like every morning, no reaction at all. Tried lot of things, as i’m a pc repair technician i know how to fix things 😉

I saw on a support thread that removing the batteries without powering it off can cause this problem…

There are a number of Alien issues reported on the web – such as broken displays, failure to boot (as was my case), 510 connector issues and atomiser shorts – with an equal, or greater, number of suggested fixes – such as banging it on a hard surface, or using a 2.4 A charger. As already stated, some of the reported issues are that the display has simply died, but the mod still functions. After doing a fair bit of research it seems as if it is actually quite common to have an apparently bricked device, but it is equally easy to fix, by simply re-flashing the device…

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Innokin TC100… just awful


I got hold of an Innokin CoolFire IV TC100, which was included as part of a vape bundle, on eBay. For a while things were great and it worked fine. Nevertheless, I was expecting it to break, as I had done some research and seen that they are plagued with problems, mostly battery related. However, this issue is somewhat different, in that it will not switch on, although, upon pressing the fire button, it will display the “OFF” message…

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Gin damaged MacBook Pro 17″ i7 2.5 GHz – Late 2011


About two years ago, I purchased a A1297 17” 2.5 GHz MacBook Pro on eBay. Within a week, I had knocked a glass of gin over it. It carried on working, but in the morning, I put kitchen roll on the keyboard and (stupidly) turned it over, opened it up and unplugged the battery and let it dry out.

A couple of weeks later, I reassembled it and it was dead, and wouldn’t switch on. I have no idea what is wrong. I can only guess that it turning it over the gin must have got inside it.

I was just so despondent that I had trashed it after only a week that I left it in a corner for over a year now.

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HP Compaq TC4200 not starting, at all


After not using the laptop for six months, and having left the battery in for that duration, I found that the laptop would not power up. To be fair, it had been playing up for a while prior to the six months – the sleep functionality had been intermittent for a while (it would just reboot, instead of coming out of sleep mode (I think, my memory is rather hazy)), and then there had been a bit of a refusing-to-start issue.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the CMOS/BIOS battery has expired…

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